The Bears 2014: Friendly golf and grumpy neighbours

Sep 05

The Bears 2014: Friendly golf and grumpy neighbours

The Bears 2014:

North Berwick East, Dunbar, Craigielaw, The Hirsel (Coldstream)

This year’s event was slightly later, second week of August and started on the Glorious Twelfth so no grouse shooting for us, just birdies, ha-ha. The week’s campaign was mapped out over a meal at Duncan’s on the Monday night.

Day 1

golfing-rainOn turning up to the Glen, we were the only players on the course pretty much as the rain had been drizzling already. The first hole was always a tricky test but once that was out the way the course played pretty fairly, although the strong westerly wind meant coming back was going to be a bit of a struggle.

The scoring was pretty even over both halves, with Robbo playing steadily for 37 points, Duncan on 30, Tommo on 26 and Dave on 24.

Tommo’s card was virtually papier mache by the end, as was his golf when he ballooned a drive at the 18th onto the beach, much to the enjoyment of a spectator on the coastal path.

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