This is credited as an 'Irish Song, written by Glaswegian James Curran, born in Donegal, but who grew up in Scotland and died in 1900. Of course, the versions I remember are by Robin Hall and Jimmy McGregor - and the brother is 'Jock' - and (vaguely) by Rolf Harris.

1. I have a favourite brother
   And his Christian name is Paul.
   He's lately joined a football club
   For he's mad about football.
   He's two black eyes already
   And teeth lost from his gob,
   Since Paul became a member of
   That terrible football club.

CHORUS: For he's football crazy. he's football mad.
        The football it has taken away
        The little bit o' sense he had.
        And it would take a dozen servants
        To wash his clothes and scrub
        Since Paul became a member of that
        Terrible football club.

2. In the middle of the field one afternoon
   The captain says, 'Now Paul,
   Would you kindly take this place-kick
   Since you're mad about football?
   Shot off from the mark.
   The ball went sailing over the bar
   And landed in New Yark.

3. His wife she says she'll leave him
   If Paulie doesn't keep
   Away from football kicking
   At night-time in his sleep.
   He calls out 'Pass, McGinty!'
   And other things so droll
   Last night he kicked her out of bed
   And swore it was a goal!